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Hi all, happy new year to everyone! It's been a while since I've stopped by, especially since there really isn't anything new that I'm interested in so far.

I just had a question about a very basic question but apparently it's very difficult to actually do (for me). I was wondering if you guys had any tips on syncing timestamps other than using software like Lightroom to fix it. I had 3 photographic devices when I last went on vacation- my DSLR a fast compact and my phone and all of them had a mind of its own and synced to different times. Of course the phone syncs to the local phone networks so that's automatic. So then my compact and my DSLR are off by a couple hours and it's all out of whack when Google Photos is done organizing my photos. I was wondering if there was a systematic way of doing it manually. When you have a few shots here or there it's fine. But I took close to 20 gigs of photos on my trip.

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    The problem is that they are not accurate enough to stay synced for long. When shooting a two man wedding with four cameras we have to sync all four to a mobile phone so we get images in the right order when we combine them.
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    I use the Nikon GPS to set all of the bodies the day of and its pretty good for a couple of days.

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    After the fact you can easily use LightRoom to set all the times correctly; select the pictures -> Metadata -> Edit Capture Time... To do it right in advance, you need to use one SmartPhone for syncing (if possible), or do it manually every time.
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