Best Nikon Lens for golden sun flares

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I have a hankering to shoot some into the sun flare portraits. I know I have to use a reflector or diffused flash to fill the shadows, but what (auto focus) Nikon mount lens gives the most attractive flare performance ? I would also like a golden/warm tint to the flare. Usually you can look at the coating colours to see what the flare tint is like but know this is not always true. I don't mind off brand, or D type lenses. Camera is D850 and I will also be shooting Portra film in an F5 as I know it has the dynamic range.

I want to shoot something like this :


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    Hee, nobody answers your question. OK here my 2 cents. I have seen 100k's of photo's like this, 99% of the lensflares are made in Photoshop. Here you can manage where the flares will be. A simple action will do the job. Further, you can get flares direct in the sun with a lot of lenses, just don't put the hood on :) , the worst is my 60mm f/2.8G macro (micro if you wish), I got good ones with my 24-70mm f/2.8 ED, but could not know where they came in the photograph. This golden look you can get already with changing the white balance, you can do that in camera of course, but the easy way is, in Lightroom and also push the colours (HSL tab). I do not think this is an answer you are waiting for, but still my 2 cents.
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    I know how to create lens flares in photoshop, and alter white balance ( split toning is a favourite ) I realise, there will always have to be a little post processing help, but I want as much done in camera as possible.

    When you say worst...what do you mean ? I don't have a short range macro lens and it was something I was considering adding to my collection. I have the 24-70 f2.8 and that doesn't really flare attractively.

    Jealous of the Leica flare performance : have a look at some of these.
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