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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,481Moderator
    Unfortunately my wife is completely uninterested in photography so I end up going out with friends. I get to explore and enjoy the countryside without her so it is quite hollow in that way. I envy my friends who go out together enjoying photography. The only way she goes with me is if it is a holiday to some distant shore but then my time with the camera is severely restricted by her attention span (30 secs per shot max).

    C'est la vie!
    Always learning.
  • rmprmp Posts: 585Member
    Like you spraynpray, my wife avoids photography and also hates to travel.
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  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member
    My wife and I have an understanding. The primary purpose of travel is to take pictures. She can come or not come. Since she likes to travel, she comes.
  • retreadretread Posts: 574Member
    I tried to work some photo time in a trip with my wife. It didn't work so I'll go alone or with grandkids.
  • ggbutcherggbutcher Posts: 368Member
    Travel with my wife is what got me back into photography. She doesn't partake, but her Facebook account reaps the benefits...
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,481Moderator

    My wife and I have an understanding. The primary purpose of travel is to take pictures. She can come or not come. Since she likes to travel, she comes.

    Whoa! I would be dead meat if I offered my wife that option!
    Always learning.
  • HankBHankB Posts: 222Member
    I allow my wife anywhere as long as she will cook, sew, and fold my laundry.
  • Capt_SpauldingCapt_Spaulding Posts: 660Member
    The better half and I both enjoy traveling and both enjoy taking pictures. For most of our marriage she's used a P&S. I recently gifted her one of the D3400 kits that were on sale.

    So, we're pretty much on the same page when it comes to travel.
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,481Moderator
    Is she for sale Capt? ;-)
    Always learning.
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member
    Regarding my arrangement, it is all in the delivery Spraynpray.
  • HankBHankB Posts: 222Member
    All kidding aside, when we travel, my wife takes quite a few videos with a P&S. Unless low light or huge dynamic range, her videos are quite good and are a great compliment to the stills we both take.
  • Capt_SpauldingCapt_Spaulding Posts: 660Member
    Don't think so S&P. I don't think I could find a replacement. Certainly not at a price I could afford.
  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member
    retread said:

    Taking grandkids with me is more fun than going alone. I love when they get better shots than I do.

    Taking the mistress is even more fun :D
  • retreadretread Posts: 574Member

    Taking the mistress is even more fun :D

    Not for long when the wife finds out. It may be the end of your photo taking.
  • framerframer Posts: 491Member
    Galapagos, South America and Antarctica. I will do one of the three maybe two. Biggest problem is the wife has little time off from her job each year. I'm now retired, she a baby got another 7 years to retirement. She loves to travel so that never an issue. I now cook and take care of most of the light housework. Hired a cleaning lady for the deep cleaning each week. The wife does the accounting, pays the bill and does our taxes :) . Her does accounting for a living. I got her a Nikon 3400 but it sit unused as she prefers her iPhone 7.

  • BabaGanoushBabaGanoush Posts: 252Member
    Botswana, Machu Pichu, Cook Islands, Myanmar in no particular order. One of them will put me over 70 countries visited during my lifetime.
  • vtc2002vtc2002 Posts: 364Member
    I am very fortunate as I do not have to make any deals with my wife or have to worry about dragging her along on my trips or have her complain about spending time photographing on our vacations. She is a very accomplished artists, mostly charcoal ad pencil drawings and acrylic paintings, she enjoys going with me when she can get away from work. She enjoys drawing or painting some of the places that I photograph.
    For me photography is much more than just taking the photo. For me it is a empty experience to take a photo and not having someone their to share the experience with or after a day of shooting to go back to the hotel and dine alone. No matter how good your photograph may be it can only capture the a moment that stimulates the visual senses, while being there many of your other senses may be stimulated. I have found that some of my best photos were taken when my other senses are stimulated as well. I can look at some photos that I took years ago and remember the smell of the ocean breeze, the crisp autumn air in Montana or the sound of a bull elk bugling. The other part is the adventure getting to a location and experiencing the people and culture of the place. The great Mexican restaurant in Pinedale, Wyoming or the meal that a family in northern Italy invited us to share with them after a day of shooting in their vineyard. Having people with you that you can share these things with make Photography come to life for me.
    I understand why people want to travel to exotic locations that are on their bucket list and I have ad will do so in the future. However, for me I find it to be rather mundane. For example going to Yosemite and taking photos of things that have been photographed a million times does very little to test my skills and I'm sure if I look I can find a photo on the internet that looks exactly like mine or very close. I do enjoy going and taking the photographs. However, going to less traveled/photographed places and working to get a great photograph will challenge your skills and I personally think will make you a better photographer.
  • PhotobugPhotobug Posts: 5,748Member
    +1 vtc2002. Well said.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,481Moderator
    Yes, but we all need the occasional holiday and that is when we do those well worn shots with others. I have taken a few holidays with photography friends and as you say vtc - much better than going alone.
    Always learning.
  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,244Member
    Traveling with family/friends is definitely a plus/minus sometimes, I've definitely lost photo opportunities because I got distracted by my family or were pulled away at inopportune times. For instance, I was trying to stitch a 360 degree photo at a temple with cherry blossoms and was 2 or 3 shots from finishing it before my parents wanted to leave.
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  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,610Member
    More of a near term goal but I'd like to photograph one of the abandoned waterfront power stations in Philadelphia. Better get on it - who knows how long they will be around.
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    Bucket list.....
    Probably to ride around in my new RV (LTV U24CB) and capture the people in smaller towns around the country. Sort of more like this:

    Plymouth 05.31.13-4
    Msmoto, mod
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    Nice Image Msmoto!

    Denver Shooter
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