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I've been on this forum (on, off and on again) for a number of years now and there is a rule that I've never understood. What exactly is the diggie-doo about finding some thread that your post might fit in before posting?

I suppose, I could have emailed Peter and asked him but the mods should also know and maybe others would also like to hear the answer?

The rule is simply so different from other forums. Is it because of the software that also seems pretty unique compared to other sites using forums?
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    I dump my topic into the search on the right side before I post a topic, and nothing comes up (or it shows up on the old forum for those who have been here since prehistoric times), I post it.

    Worst case scenario it gets closed down. No harm no foul. Gear suggestion/budget requests we get a lot though, so if you find a gear suggestion thread maybe post in the old one first.

    Long story short, there is no rule. It's the Wild Wild West.
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    Well, if you search using common sense tags you should find something by now. If, when you find a thread it isn't relevant to your exact query/point, start a new one.

    You never know, you might even find the answer you were going to post about...

    Not too wild, wild west I hope lol!
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