Nikon Coolpix P900 Not Connecting

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New to the forum and the app. Hoping we can get it working as I think it will solve a lot of problems that we've been having with the Nikon WMU app! So far, when attempting to get our Nikon P900 to connect using the built in wifi, it will not connect. I am using an IPad Air that is fully updated. The P900 is placed in wifi mode and it's network is selected in the settings on the IPad (which has always worked fine with the WMU app). Opened Shuttersnitch, selected the Nikon built in wifi in the setup, opened a new collection and waited for it to connect. Never got there. Camera eventually timed out.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this camera not going to be compatible with this app? Anything else I should be trying?
My main reason for doing this is to be able to easily transfer videos from the camera, and potentially control them from them app if possible. So hopefully this will work! Thank you in advance for your help

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