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Any leads as to which month the D5S will actually be announced??? I guess it should be prior to the Olympics in 2020. No rumors at all out there, hopefully Peter has picked up a scent on it :) 
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  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member
    There are no Olympics next February.

    I predict that they will go straight to a D6, and no, they won’t make it mirrorless.
  • ChrisChris Posts: 3Member
    You are absolutely correct I corrected it
    Why do you think that there will be no 5ds and D6 instead?
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member
    Because Nikon has a regular update schedule for their flagship model based on the timing of the Olympics and they just missed South Korea.

    Many agree with me, but we could be wrong.

    What do you find lacking on the D5?
  • ChrisChris Posts: 3Member
    Mps if it was 30 mps it would be a beast. I share the same thought on a d6 instead but I am guessing that there will be a hybrid view finder in it
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member
    I would not get hung up on the resolution. A 50% increase in area resolution is only a little more than a 20% increase in linear resolution. Not insignificant, but not a game changer.

    My prediction is that the D6 will have a 46+ morning sensor with their small and medium raw files perfected - they almost are now.
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    I bet Nikon is shooting for the Soccer World Cup in Russia this June. A very international event and lots of exposure for Nikon and their pro shooters.
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  • trolleytrolley Posts: 198Member
    There is also the small matter of the Rugby (Union) World Cup September/October 2019. In Japan
  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    trolley said:

    There is also the small matter of the Rugby (Union) World Cup September/October 2019. In Japan

    Lots of events this year indeed, and I am sure working pros will push Nikon to release a new flagship in the months ahead. I just can't see Nikon not squeezing a bit more out of the D5 lineup rather than go back to the drawing board and pump a bunch of research and development into an entirely new D6 system. Perhaps the new mirrorless design is tapping their resources..

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