D800 CF and SD cards slots error

My camera reads both of the cards showing me the amount of photos that I can take, but when I take a picture just with my CF in, it actually looks like it take the photo but it shows just a black screen and after it says that “the folder doesn’t contain any images” and the number where I can see how many photos I can take doesn’t change, so it actually doesn’t take the pic. With some of mine SD cards in, it works but after a while it doesn’t read the card and if i take the card out and put it in again it return to work but not always. The camera also doesn’t turn off sometimes and I have to take out the battery.I think my problem is in the software I hope I can do something because I’m currently in India and can’t sand the camera to the Nikon Service. Thank you for your help.


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    If you don't have the latest software you could update it and that might fix it as it re writes the lot ...of course you might stuff it totally .
    Make sure the SD cards are physically perfect ..even a bit off one of the lower corners can cause it to not recognise the card ..its not just the connections it recognizes.
    Try formatting the cards in your computer ..full format
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