80 - 400 repair?

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My VR 80-400 F4.5-f5.6 D ED AF fell about 6~9 inches onto hard pack snow. The zoom ring does nothing. The focus motor barely runs at all. I took it to an expert repairman (whom i trust) who said he can not get parts for it. Nikon repair is a fraud (I sent it in for a fall from back in 2012, they gouged me financially and the lens was never as smooth or fast again.) I have insurance but do not know if that will help. Advice &/or suggestions please.
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  • I would get an estimate for repair submit it to insurance and use the procceds to buy a used one in good condition or an alternative. My experience with that lens was that it was hard to use and not a particularly good performer. The new Tamron 100-400 would likely work much better for you. The Nikon afs version of your lens is better but not considered great, and is much more expensive.
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    Thank you. No parts to be found. Prohibitive expense to repair even w parts. Thanks for your observations.
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