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    I would recommend buying the best quality SD, SDHC, SDXC cards that you can afford. I would also consider shooting tethered to write your photos to your computer if you need the added security. Snap bridge is another option (I am not a fan of it but it may work for you).
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    You are welcome to write a review thread if you like, but as you have only had the body a day or so I doubt that you are in a position to write an authoritative piece on it yet. When you think you have enough to say about it, then post.
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    You are right I have just had the device for like a day only. But this weekend I am heading out for a 15 day trip to a wildlife a national park in my State , so I plan to use it on my trip and will write my review based on my experience
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    Well Zeeshan I did no see you state what type of commercial work you were going to do ..maybe its repeatable if there is a problem. Maybe your client is happy with 20 MP. What I do is put the camera on a credit card and then pay a big lump in to lower the debt and then pay it off over about 6 months from income ..pay little interest and certainly cheaper than a camera shop finance over 24 months. Works for me because I can just dream up and write a magazine article and get paid a lump of money. What I always do is buy a cheap grip and a silicone skin and that makes it look more impressive to clients and holds the value for re sale , Personally I would remove the vertical bit from the grip that goes into the battery compartment, fit the battery in the normal way and use the grip part to carry a spare battery. Always be insured and go wired as not all clients are as honest as they seem.
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    You must have a very low interest rate on your CC, if you are going to buy a camera like that. A line of credit is a way better choice, due to much lower interest, but personally I would never buy a camera on credit like that, you are throwing money away (interest).

    I think the OP did the sensibile thing, given the budget. People are MP crazy these days, I made some of my best prints and sold images with the 12MP D700, so don’t fall for the lie. Yes it’s not 2008 anymore, but if you are good at what you do heavy cropping is not required. Enjoy your D7500, I’m sure it’s more than up to the task, like any camera made in the last 5-6 years.
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    I pay about 10 to15 times the min payment at the start of each month and don't find its a problem
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    I pay the entire thing each month, so it’s not a problem either. :D
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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