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Live Stream D5600 Help Request.

JBrunanskyJBrunansky Posts: 1Member
Hi everyone,
I am trying to find software that I can use that will provide a clean HDMI feed from my Nikon D5600 to YouTube. Right now I'm using a D5600 and running an HDMI feed out of the HDMI port into a "Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder" which then sends the feed to my iMac using a Thunderbolt cable. However, in both OBS and QuickTime the image is identical to the flip/touch LCD screen. So all the info like ISO, Aperture, volume, etc is surrounding the video image. Nikon has a program but it's close to $200 called "Camera Control Pro 2." Is there another more affordable software available that I can use? Thanks in advance!


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