Nikon Software Problems and the D500


I have been using NX-D to process NEF images from my D810 and D500 since NEF files from these two bodies cannot be opened in Capture NX2. My workflow (until this week) had been to process NEF D810 and D500 images in NX-D, make a 16 bit Tiff in NX-D and then open the tiff in Nikon Capture NX2 for finishing touches with Control Points. I had no problems doing this in May, 2016. Capture NX2 had no problems opening tiffs made in NX-D from NEFs in either body.
Pictures I took yesterday with my D810 had no issues. However, tiffs made in NX-D from yesterday's D500 NEF's cannot be opened by Capture NX-2. This D500 tiff problem exists on both my laptop and desktop. On my desktop I even reloaded NX2 to see if that would fix things, but I got the same result.The D500 tiffs from NX-D from yesterday can be opened in Adobe Bridge and NX-D, so I do not think there is anything wrong with the tiffs.I cannot recall when I started to use the D500 MB-D17 battery pack from Nikon. I know it was on the camera yesterday and maybe an earlier day too when I had the same tiff d500 problem. I know that I used a Nikon Li-ion20 battery in both the camera and in the MB-D17 battery back.I may have used an Li-ion01 battery in my D500 before I knew about the battery recall. If I did do this, the camera performed normally as far as I know. I think the chance that I did not use the battery that came with the camera is pretty low.Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this?

Please help.

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