What am I doing or not doing?

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None of my images are showing up. I’ve loaded them into the media library of my Covoco website, but when I try to add them to a page or the LayerSlider they don’t work. In the LayerSlider, the preview just gives me the spinning thinking wheel; same on the page. When I try to load an image onto a page, it just gives me a broken image thumbnail. What am I doing or not doing?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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    You will probably need to get support from the cocovo website.

    besides that you have not given much details as to what your "images" are ...
    1) are they straight from the camera? which camera?
    2) have you edited them ? with what tools ?
    3) where are they located ? on a floppy disk, usbdisk, harddisk or on the cloud?
    etc etc ....

    PS welcome to NR forum.
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    I would also make sure that you're loading JPG images and not NEF (raw) images. Only JPGs will work on the web. If they're NEFs you'll need to convert them to JPGs first with the appropriate software. Your camera can be set to record JPG, NEF, or both at the same time when you take a picture.
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