Nikon support for 3 axis gimbal

fjcvisualfjcvisual Posts: 3Member
The D850 has significant improvements for making video such as shooting HD at 120fps. This is a feature many other brands have supported for some time. I am hoping that this milestone marks a level of seriousness Nikon takes to further support Video.

One trend is support for 3 axis gimbals. There are some good products out there Crane 2, dji's Ronin s (soon to be released). Many of these gimbals have support for certain camera functions through the gimbal controls, like pulling focus.

But, unfortunately, i can't find any information that leads me to believe that Nikon is going down that path. What i do hear is support for Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. I certainly hope Nikon starts sopporting a broader segment of the Video market.

Has anyone heard anything along those lines?

Thanks, Jim
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