Suggest Best Nikon Film SLR?

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Hello everyone,

I am totally new to this forum looking for a help. Any tips and advice regarding this would be appreciated. I am jacksonlevi, working in a Creative video production studio, that i have some time to think i was wondering, i currently have the D70 and love it, but i also long for the good old style of photography. you know, that kind that uses that forgetten four letter word: F I L M. so, what do you all think? help me please. I have serached for this but did not find any right solution. Please help

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you.
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    The F6 is by far the best film SLR from Nikon. It’s basically a D700 with film rather than a digital sensor.
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    F100's were also considered pretty good, and are a lot cheaper than the F6's.
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    I've owned F4 F5 & F6 FWIW F6 was the most modern focus, LM; however the F5 is faster and has great AF and metering and can be bought cheap. I saw a mint F5 w/box LN for $250 a month or two ago.

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    If you have lots of money, get the F6, it works with most Nikkor lenses. Don't bother with the Nikon FM10, it's a fake Nikon, but maybe you can get it for cheap if you don't really want to put much money into it.

    Personally my dad has a FM2 and although I don't really use it much, I've shot maybe 2-3 rolls of film and the mechanical precision on the film SLR really is so awesome it reminds me of fine jewelry more than a piece of equipment. Every dial clicks without any slop and coming from a D40 and D7000 that viewfinder is massive and bright. It was fun to use for a while and a nice piece to keep around.
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