D850 - card to card data transfers

extensions1extensions1 Posts: 1Member
I recently bought a D850 and am still learning. I have the XQD card, but no card readers are available here (Bangkok) as yet. The cable transfer to Mac is fine for now. I have tried copying images from the XQD card to SD card, but I was disturbed to see that the file date was changed. This could be problematic for evidence use, or other reasons: metadata is metadata and should be trusted. Does anyone have comments/suggestions; or is the creation date embedded in the file somewhere and I have not been able to see it?


  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,494Member
    If you use transfer it is sending a new file, thus the new date and time. If you need the meta data to match, use the "backup" feature that will write the same file to both cards.
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  • EricBowlesEricBowles Posts: 27Member
    There are a lot of date files in the EXIF data. The file date is the day the file was created, but the Create Date is the date of the image. That date should be unchanged.
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