Nikon D4 Potential Issues Help! TIA!

katphotogirlkatphotogirl Posts: 1Member
I just bought a refurbished Nikon D4. I am thrilled with the image quality but I have had a few quirky things happen, have these happened to anyone else:

1. After shooting for about 30 minutes I had a handful of frames expose multiple images on the same frame. It happened to about 5 out of 118 frames.

2. Set up for auto bracketing but once I get to longer exposure times I have to press the shutter button to move to the next exposure rather than having it fire automatically. It will fire automatically on faster shutter speeds.

After problem #1 I updated the firmware and have not been able to recreate the problem. I would rather not send it back since really need it for work but I don't want to keep a dud either! Thanks in advance for any help!


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