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Hello all, I am booked for a trip to Europe with the following itinerary and am looking for subject suggestions. I am looking for suggestions that would be difficult to find by doing research ahead of time.

The itinerary is:

Sicily (eastern half of island)

Any suggestions. I love shooting at blue and golden hour. I am not looking for the bucket list types of shots that everybody knows about.

However, there are certain subjects that everyone photographs in a common way, but with a different perspective produce something unique. For example:

So if you have a "unique perspective on a common subject", I am interested in that.


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    Paris ..flea markets
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    What are your favourite genres?

    When in London if you have the time/desire to do a good night cityscape, go to Pageant steps which allow you to descend onto the Thames 'beach' at low tide and get a great perspective across the river of the Canary Wharfe development. Obviously check tides to be there when there is a beach (low water-ish)!

    There is also a great view up the Thames towards from the south bank side of the Thames Barrier flood prevention scheme at woolwich (wool-ich) which is slightly surreal and iconic.

    Covent Garden has lots of street entertainers and opportunities for street photography.
    Always learning.
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