Nikon D850 Lens Issue: Some Lenses Aperture Do Not Work

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I have a new Nikon D850. I have found that several of my ED lenses aperture will not work with the 850. The aperture can be controlled when on my D800E. All my lenses with an "N" designation have no problem. The main lens in question is a new Nikon 14mm 2.8 ED lens. The aperture ring is properly setup & locked at f/22. But when placed on the camera f/22 shows up on the display but cannot be changed by the camera's controls. The fact that it works fine on my D800E tells me the lens is ok and there an issue with the D850. Any thoughts???


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    Sorry to hear that rhkdiver, if I were you I would give your local Nikon distributor a call and get their take on it.
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    You have aperture ring control activated. Don't know how it is set on the D850 but on my D600 it is inside the custom menu, where you set how your command dial works with lenses with aperture rings. As always with a new camera, RTMF, preferably while going through each menu item.
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