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I'm arriving at the conclusion that there is a 'maximum' distance for taking pictures of birds at with the 200-500, beyond which they aren't worth cropping & keeping. Obviously a lot of factors involved but...
...looking at the file info schema tab in Elements 10, I find a row that says Approximate focus distance: 237/10.
What does that mean? 23.7m or what?
The lens is listed as 2000/10 5000/10 56/10 56/10 - so you see my logic. And I was about 60-odd feet from the subject - at a guess


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    Wild ass guess: Zoom set to 237mm; Focus set to 10m (that's 33 ft)

    It shouldn't be hard to prove or disprove that
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    So, having taken some pictures last week of a Marsh Harrier on the ground and in flight at somewhere between 15m and infinity on the 200-500mm lens, when I look on a monitor & especially when I zoom in, they're all out of focus & fuzzy!
    So this weekend I did some tests on 'static' birds at greater than 20-something metres. And trying +12 adjustment on the lens gave so much improvement.
    Which considering I paid a Nikon approved repairer to calibrate that lens on the camera is a bit annoying!
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    Send it back with a letter stating your disappointment and ask for an explanation of why they were able to call it done.
    Always learning.
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    Listen, the repair and work took about 6-7 weeks, including Xmas. I'm keeping hold of it!
    And I think I know the answer: They don't know what distance I use the lens at. So how could they know what ranges to check? I'm sure that they'd say that at 200 feet or more you won't get a sharp image - but I'd beg to differ (with a following wind). And I also tried focusing at about 15 feet after the adjustment and it looked fine.
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