Will Nikon follow in Sony's footsteps with the Z6 and Z7?

I hope the hell not.

Remember the A7r ? Shutter shock, jello EVF, EVF blackout and lag, 11+7 bit compression, crap battery life, abysmal weather sealing and depreciation faster than most English cars.

Hopefully you got this one right Nikon. We will be waiting on the sidelines to see what faults are cooked in and what faults were avoided. I can still take photos today and tomorrow with a D850 so no hurry here.


  • manhattanboymanhattanboy Posts: 1,003Member
    It's interesting that you started a new thread, but your points are valid as those are the ones that make or break a mirrorless camera. I am assuming that Nikon. Is at least going to be competitive with features of the A7iii, so that means blackout if any in the evf will be minimal, shutter shock won't be an issue and battery life should last one day of casual shooting. The silent mode (which was missing from the A7 and A7ii) and rolling shutter are the two items that I am most interested in and for which we have no information from the leaks yet.

    I will say that at the current prices, there could be a significant amount of depreciation as I think they are priced a little high. You can get an A7riii or even an A9 for cheaper than the Z7. That creates a value proposition issue for Nikon, and they would then have to argue they are not only equivalent to but better than the Sony. If they cleared that bar, I will be very impressed.
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