Df or D4s, what would you buy if the price was the same?



  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,523Moderator
    That's surprising. It seemed like an unwieldy lump when I handled it whereas the D750 seems lighter and handier.
    Always learning.
  • sportsport Posts: 120Member
    I brought the D750 to this thread because the original poster mentioned they didn't like the weight of a D810. If they are only focused on the two cameras mentioned then the df is only choice based on weight.

    For anyone else looking at the DF, the D750 is a closer competitive option.
  • Tradewind35Tradewind35 Posts: 77Member
    Bit miffed at the moment as my beloved Df is with Nikon UK - all the back plate controls went duff. In fairness that has been the only failure from new and it has been very well used. Ready for hefty blow to the wallet but am concerned if it is beyond economic repair - what would I replace it with? I wouldn't go second hand even though used D4 would be readily available. So choice - £2K New Df or D750 at £1.5K.... hmmm, still like the interface on the Df and its great for mf lenses. Don't want video. What I really want I suppose would be a new Dfz - a mirrorless Df .... could someone please start or fuel such a rumour...….
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,815Member
    DfZ would be nice competition for Fuji and Leica. Not sure how well the original Df sold though. Nikon's got to put it's resources in what it thinks will sell.
  • Tradewind35Tradewind35 Posts: 77Member
    Happy days again, my Df back from Nikon UK - quick turn around. Full service and as new fix for £112 with 6 month warranty so very happy with that. Not sure what they fixed but they replaced the Lens-Rel SW FPC Unit whatever that is.....
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