D810 future pricing?

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With the D850 and now Z 7/6 in the Nikon ranks of newer cameras, do you think the D810 will drop in price for the remaining new units? The difference between it and the D850 is only $500ish now. Will the current pricing hold out till they are gone or will there be a price drop? Would love to pick up another D810 body on the cheap.
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    It's a good question. I've thought the price difference wasn't enough. Maybe they were able to get away with it because the 850 was in short supply.

    I'm curious if we will see price drops on the D750 and D610.
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    Nikon D810 € 1999.- , this is temporarily, it is normal € 2499.- .

    Update: By the biggest shop in Holland € 1999.- for the body is fixed now, so good chance that the rest will follow.
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