Using a Pinhole Camera to See (and Hear) Around Corners

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Ok, yes, this is not exactly photography per se, and it is definitely not Nikon, but it is a fascinating use of light to see and hear the unseen and what is in the shadows.


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    I first noticed this phenomenon years ago when during a partial solar eclipse, light filtering between tree leaves left images on the sidewalk of the partially eclipsed sun.
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    Very interesting.. I have also noticed this seeing around corners thing especially in hotel corridors ... cool research...
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    This is how Photography started, with a Camera Obscura. Camera meant "room" back then. It is arguable that the camera obscura contributed to significant improvements in the perspective of painters as far back as the 16th century, as they essentially used a camera obscura to capture a scene, paint the outline (upside down) on the canvas, then flip it right side up and paint the scene. They did not have to worry about achieving correct perspective, because it already had a "trace". Of course, none would ever admit that they "cheated".

    Then in 1827 a guy named Niepce figured out how to use a camera obscura to darken chemicals with light in a controlled matter and photography was born.

    It seems that photography's 200 year anniversary is coming up.
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