Can't view RAW files from D850/Windows 10

I tried the search menu but could not find answers to my query, sorry if this has been covered already.

I've been using my D800 and have no issues previewing RAW photos using Windows 10 and downloading them to my remote HD storage without a problem. This past weekend I took out my D850 for the first time and did a shoot at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and was excited to view my shoots, but when I tried to view them the in the same manner as I did with mt D800, I get an error message, it will list the name of the file and it reads "It looks like we don't support this file" my system won't even let me download my files to my hard drive.

For post editing, I use Lightroom 5 (disk version) and recently I signed up for the on-line Photoshop but still learning that program.

I've searched online, following some of the recommendations but I still can't view my photos or download them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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