Anyone using a Godox TT685N?

GarethGareth Posts: 159Member
I recently got one of these and as soon as it senses the camera the HSS light comes on regardless of the shutter speed.

This is an issue for two reasons:

1. I actually get the proper exposure when using HSS shutter speeds.
2. HSS uses more battery power and I don't want to use it unless I have to.

I thought a firmware upgrade might help as I'm on 2.8 and they're up to 3.2 now, but the micro usb on the flash is so close to the edge of the cutout none of my cables will fit.

Anyone else encounter this?


  • Ton14Ton14 Posts: 698Member
    Or: Check your flash synchronization setting in the camera (E1), sounds like it is set to "automatic FP", what is the HSS.
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  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,444Member
    You don't say what camera you are using ..not all Nikons are equal.Nikon are good at stopping you using 3rd party.
    Flashes (Yongnuo 565) which work on D800 and D7100 will not work on D810.
    I suggest you contact the maker to check compatibility and by the way I always use FP 1/320
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