Nikon D850 at 9 fps battery £26.99. Charger £22

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I have not seen this on NR forum but you can get your D850 to do 9fps for about £100 or $ 120

Grip £30
battery £20
BL5 .£7
dual charger £40
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    Spend $4k for a high end camera, but cheap out on dodgy batteries and chargers that could light your house on fire. :D
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    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    Even cheaper I just bought this from Germany via e bay for £ 42 ..battery BL5 and charger.

    And I am even going to use my £ 30 N 24-85 VR on it

    PS don't jump on this one till I have tested it as some versions don't have the right chip inside to work the battery state display and hence wont give 9 fps..if that's the case it goes back as not as advertised ie not an en el 18
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    Despite assurances that it was properly chipped its not . Shows as a set of AA batteries so will be on its way back to be replaced by a real EN EL 18 for about £30 and a BF5 for £7.
    will let you know
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    Spent some time trying to find a battery that will do 9fps and though many are advertised as En EL 18 they do not have the right chip.
    Avoid anything that says for D4 and does not mentionD5/ D810/850 as the D4 does not need the chipping
    The one that will give you 9fps for £26.99 ($32) is the Durapro from Amazon.
    This may be out of stock but the Mitsuru will also give 9fps as will the Wasabi
    The ones that will NOT are the Formax . VHBW.says its fully chipped on the website where its cheaper than on ebay.
    DTSE ok if D850 mentioned in the information
    I am told by a user that EXPro gives 9fps.
    The one from Subtel at £43.90 works fine but has no contact cover and is about £5 cheaper if you go direct to there$tard$. I ordered it before I saw the Durapro.
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    The dual side by side charger Nikon look alike is available from Amazon for £22.49.
    DSTE DMH 26A
    Sadly I missed it and paid £39 and am still waiting.
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    The last view month I start changing my chargers to USB-C. I also bought the Xtorm 15.000 power bank, so I can charge everything via USB, USB-mini and USB-C. There is a quick charge port available on it and a short micro USB cable attached. At the moment they have one with a short USB-C cable. There are more powerbanks like this available at the moment.

    I don't need alle the power cables anymore, only a GOOD USB cable for charging and the quick charge is quick, with the Xtorm I can charge all my devices (phone, tablet) and batteries "on the go" at the moment.

    For the Nikon EN-EL15, I bought the Patona charger on Amazon € 12,99 works fine and also found somewhere the VHBW USB travel charger for this battery.
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    The £39 dual EN EL18 charger arrived ..Identical to the Nikon for 10x the price, even dark grey like the original .Worked great sequentially charging the two batteries . Just a pity I missed the same thing on Amazon for £22.49
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