FT1 1/1.3 second max exposure time restriction

Spy_BlackSpy_Black Posts: 79Member
Hi folks, does anyone know if the max exposure time restriction when using an FT1 on an N1 body is the product of the FT1 firmware, or newer N1 bodies? I have a J4 (firmware v1.0), and when I mount the FT1 (firmware v1.20) the maximum allowable exposure time drops from 30 seconds to 1/1.3 seconds. I was under the impression that this limitation was imposed by the bodies, starting with the V3 on-wards, but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone have and FT1 with earlier firmware that allows longer exposures on V3 or newer bodies? I thought about picking up a V2 in hopes of overcoming this limitation, but now I'm not so sure it will make a difference. Does anyone have a V2 with a V1.2 FT1 that can shoot up to the full 30 second exposure limit? There is a V1.10 firmware available for the FT1 that I downloaded and may try to install if it may be of help, but I figured I'd ask around first to see what kind of experiences other N1/FT1 users are having regarding this issue. Thanks for any info on this.


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