Sports Photography Workshop, anyone have experience with this?

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Someone mentioned in another thread that the Sports Photography Workshop is in Colorado Springs. I looked it up and it looks exceptionally intriguing. I'm close to pulling the trigger and registering since 1) I primarily shoot sports, 2) I've taken a whole two semesters of photography and that was almost 20 years ago, 3) I could drive down to the Springs every day for this workshop rather than spend on hotel, food, etc.

So, has anyone attended this? Looking to see if I can find more info from previous attendees and not just the sales fluff on their site. It isn't cheap at $1450 and it is 7 (very) full days so, it is definitely a large commitment.
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    If one has never done much sports photography...a workshop might be great. IIMO, the number one factor in shooting sports is the credential issue. If you have the credentials, can position yourself in the right place, the rest can be learned by simply watching and listening. Simply look at all the great photos, figure out how they were done, read the good photographer's blogs, and shoot thousands of images, trying all different techniques. At least this is how I have learned just about everything.
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    I have signed up for this years Sports Photography Workshop. I have all of the credentials and shoot lots of events and I think that I will benefit from the immersion with the instructors and other photographers along with critical feedback.

    Reviews are very good and this is one of Thom Hogan recommended seminars.

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    @DenverShooter - thanks for the input. I guess I will be meeting you there. I went ahead and put down the deposit. I have zero clue how to even begin with getting credentials, I would imagine I need a portfolio first. :) I will be fresh back from a month in South Africa when the workshop begins, and in the middle of boating season, so I am hoping that I am comfortable with the D4 in time. It took me about 3 months and 5000 shots to make every button an instinctual move on my D7000.

    @MsMoto - that's precisely how I have learned everything I know beyond Photography 121 or whatever it was.
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    I have the advantage of working for a media outlet and that enables me to get credentialed for events.

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    Same as Denver. Too bad my agency doesn't send me to LA tho. Most of the pro sports up are Minor League and Motorsports. A workshop may be something I would like to try but I would rather wait until I can get a "sports" dslr until I do one... On the Flip side I have shot sports with a speed graphlex.
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    I am doing the sport shooters academy in Ca it's kinda the same thing but I liked the look better.
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