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Waiting to shoot the first dance ( waiting means waiting for the ambulance to take the brides 2 year old to hospital) but that's not it. Got chatting to the DJ relating a wedding 3 years ago where the DJ turned off all his lights and proceeded to shoot the first dance with a Canon and a big flash. He said we always ask the bride if they want the disco lights off for the first dance...…...Why would you do that says I ….Well the disco lights make it difficult for the mobile phone users to get a picture , there's 200 of them and only one of you so they go off ….So he turned the lights off and I turned my mobile lazers and coloured lights on ...WTF. Glad I retired.
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    Congrats!! Enjoy retirement. I hear it rocks. Next year, if I make it that far.
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    I retired from my full time job at 46 now 71 ..retirement rocks if you got the $$$$$
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    true dat - good luck
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    Ha. I’d kind of like to try second camera at a wedding just for the experience but theres no way I’d sign up to be the main.
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    It another sign of how the world of photography is being distorted by mobile phones
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    While doing night rodeo events with nothing but the arena lights I always got a good laugh at the dismay of the cell phone shooters when their phones never got what they expected. First everyone became a pro with dslr cameras that rattled seasoned film shooters. And now people with cell phones want to push dslr shooters aside so they can get the shot. Oh how I'd like to have an action shootout with a cell phone shooter at an Irish Jig Dance contest.... while I shoot my D500... Ah... and I am supposed to be retired but don't like it. I'm looking at 73 in the face and want to do the same at 83.
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    I retired at 57 from the software industry. This month I turn 76. As soon as I retired people started asking me to photograph weddings/parties/etc. I gave that up quickly -- let the pros do it. Even today, I have no idea how I ever found time for a job.
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    Congratulations to all the happy retirees. I retired at 56 and am now in my 76th year. My initial concern about staying busy, having enjoyed my profession, was completely unfounded. Like "rmp," my career hit the rearview mirror quickly with a multitude of opportunities for continuous learning.
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