D700 - Future Digital Classic or Just Another Very, Very Good Camera...????



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    It all depends upon end use. For head and shoulder or 3/4ths body portraits the D800 low pass filter won't be noticeable and models like to hear the clicks, it tells them when to strike another pose. Benjamin Kanerek, who shoots fashion for high level magazines, has used the D800 for years. I do not know if he recently went to the D850 or something else.


    look at his work https://benjaminkanarek.com/

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    You would want to specify the lens. A bad lens might cripple the D800.

    14-24 F2.8 should do well compared to my 24-120 F4.

    I want to either get a Nikon 85mm F1.4G or Sigma 50mm F1.4 though. Those seem to really make use of the 36mp sensor.

    The low pass filter cripples the D800 ( and the noisy shutter)

    I wouldn't say cripples it, although it does make a noticeable difference. A good lens will bring out good details. But I do agree that the resolution on the D800E is nicer. Maybe I should have gone with the D800E 6 years ago. :#

    Shutter noise is much better on my D750 compared to D800 but never really bothered me. Maybe others.
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