Wireless shutter release for Z7

churinchurin Posts: 51Member
Could anyone post how you are doing it. I see accessary hardwares for it listed at Nikon website but it appears not available. I understand smartphone can be used to do it but I am unable to pair my iPhone X with Z7.


  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    I think the only solution is the WR/WRT-10 combo, which is expensive and bulky, IMO. I wish they had given it IR remote capability like on the lower end DSLR's, or maybe even enter this decade and came out with a nice Bluetooth remote.

    You should be able to connect to your phone, though. Are you using the Snapbridge app? I have a Iphone 7+ and a Z6 and have been able to connect them.
  • churinchurin Posts: 51Member
    Regarding Snapbridge, I could get to where I see camera name on Z7 and Snapbridge app on iPhone. I tap the one on iPhone but "Connection Unsuccessful Make sure "Z_7_xxxxxxx" is on and in range" is displayed on iPhone. I tried many times.
    I email to Nikon support, but no reply yet.
  • churinchurin Posts: 51Member
    mhedges: In the process of pairing, do you see "Pair" button on Select An Accessory dialog box on Snapbridge? I don't but Snapbridge instructions displayed indicates there is such button and that is supposed to be tapped to proceed further.
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    This is how I do it:

    On the camera - go to "Pair with Smart Device" (I think it is in Setup) and turn Wifi on

    On the phone - go to the settings app -> Wifi and select the camera's network. You will have to put the password (supplied by the camera) in if this is the first time doing it

    Then once that connects launch Snapbridge.

    Honestly though I only use it for the occasional photo transfer and find that it is too much bother to use as a wireless remote. I use an old school wired remote when I want to trigger the camera without touching it.
  • churinchurin Posts: 51Member
    OK, I have done pairing. It appears SnapBridge can do lot more than just triggering shutter. I am going to explore what can be done.
    Thanks for your help.
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