Overexposure warning in photo mode on Z6 ?

tufatufa Posts: 1Member

Recently I had the chance to spend some time with a Z6 that I wanted to compare with my D750. I really liked it so far, but I had this one question:

In some scenarios where there was backlighting e.g. from direct spotlights, I could not really judge the exposure on the otherwise brilliant EVF. The maximum white that could be displayed was of course a lot less bright than the real spotlight itself, and in this scenario it felt to me like a "light grey". I wanted to see how much of the area around the direct light sources would be blown out completely, but it was hard for me to tell because quite a bit of the area just felt like this "light grey" (which was probably max. white already).

So I thought I could turn on some kind of overexposure warning (Zebra), which would have made complete sense to me in this special scenario, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the menu.

When I had to return the camera I asked in the shop, and the salesperson quickly turned on the zebra-function in video mode, but he also could not find it for photo mode.

So my question is, did Nikon "forget" this function??? Is it very well hidden, so I (with a lot of Nikon experience) could not find it at all? So if it is there, where do I turn it on? And if it is not there, how do I judge the correct exposure in situations where it just is not very good to see on the EVF screen?

Thank you very much for your help! I really would like to try the camera again with this warning turned on... :-)


  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    It's not there for stills right now, unfortunately. Lots of folks have asked for it - I don't know why they left it out. The closest you can get is by taking a shot then reviewing the histogram, same as with DSLR.
  • tufatufa Posts: 1Member
    Thanks for your answer... I already feared it would be like that. For me that's a huge drawback, and I can't imagine why they didn't include this functionality. This could be a major advantage over a DSLR...!
    So I guess I'll wait for a Z6.2 (hopefully with photo-zebra and vertical grip and maybe dual slots).
    Thanks anyway !
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    I'm hoping they include it in a firmware update.
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