Innovative Thinking - No More ND Filters

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Automated Frame Averaging by Phase One

This is really innovative. I wonder what other innovations are coming in photography.

I wonder if I could duplicate this in Photoshop?
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    It is in Photoshop for a long time, you don't need a new version of Photoshop.
    I made a simple action, 4 steps.

    In Lightroom (or any RAW converter) delete the bad photo's in the sequence.
    Open the photo's in Photoshop as layers.

    1. Select all layers.
    2. Align Layers, (Edit - Autoalign - Auto) Vignette removal and Geometric Distorion OFF
    3. With all layers selected. Convert to smart object.
    4. Then click, Layer - Smart Objects - Stack mode. Use "Mean or Median" !!

    This last one does the trick.
    "Median is "Effective for noise reduction and removal of unwanted content from the image.
    You use "Median" when you make a sequence on a tripod to remove unwanted content.

    "Mean" is Effective for noise reduction.

    7. Make your additional edits.

    I mostly use this to make night photo's handheld with high ISO, but keep the ISO as low as possible of course to get the most detail. Most of the time 3 or 4 photo's are enough and with this method your noise is gone.

    I want this method available "in camera" I thought Hasselblad has something like this, the sensor moves a little bit and combines photo's to one.

    Further, Smartphones make photo's with a lot of megapixels and combine them "In Phone" to one photo for less noise and more detail etc. The 64mb sensor is already there for new high end smartphones and Samsung just announced his 108mp sensor. So fun, mini sensors, enormous amount of megapixels, technique and great photo's.

    How could it be that the camera business collapses so fast the last 2 years.

    I just put a test photo made with the Nikon Z6 on PAD.
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