D750 shutter failure.

I just seen one advertised "well used" 615,000 actuations on Camera Jungle


  • ggbutcherggbutcher Posts: 305Member
    Not for me. Too much experience with mechanisms and all their ways of failure, and that's both those that are exercised frequently as well as those that just sit and all of a sudden are called into service. All my bodies are procured new.

    Lenses, however, I can warm to refurbs. I did just buy the AF-P 70-300 new, the price difference was too small to ignore the warranty...

    Y'know, I'd bet that,if we could have visited oumuamua, that interstellar object that recently swung around the sun, we would have found aliens who would say. 'Yeah, we tried to build spaceships, but we couldn't make them reliable enough for the long journey. So, we just hollowed out this rock..." :smiley:
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