Z6 Z7 FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.10 (Nov 2019)

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Does not seem to do anything for the focus but I await your reports.


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    Updates for some bugs and added the Z50 lenses to work with the bodies and I will buy the 16-50mm as a kind of pancake for the moment, for sure much better photo's then a phone, hope the 40mm comes quick.

    I like the update for setting ISO with the lens ring. You can choose to set the ISO with the lens ring and that works great and much faster then using the button and the dial to change it. I will use it now for the next weeks to see how I like it.

    I put f2 in my quick menu, when I want to use the ring for manual focus (as usual).

    Of course we always want more, but all the possibilities for the focus system works great for me, accurate and fast, better then I ever had.

    "Eye focus" seems to be the holy grail at the moment, but the only time I use this is in the studio and here it makes everything much easier, but for all other kinds of my photography it is useless for me.
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