Trading my F Mount 24-70 f2.8 for a Z Mount 24-70 f2.8 with

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(I posted this earlier but I think I accidentally deleted it)

The 24-70 F2.8 is my go to lens for 90% of the work I do. I have used a few 24-70's over the years but my longest run has been with a NIKKOR 24-70 2.8E ED-VR AF-S. Over the last 2 years I have taken thousands of images with it. When I bought the new z6, rather than buy the Z mount f4 24-70, I made sure to order the FTZ adapter so I could use my trusted lens of choice on the new mirrorless camera. While I'm sure the f4 lens is a quality product I usually work in questionable light without a flash and need all the light gathering capability I can muster. So when news of a new Z mount 24-70 f2.8 that was smaller, lighter, sharper and might work faster with my z6 came out I was very interested. After a few months I decided it was time to trade my NIKON 24-70 2.8E ED-VR AF-S for the new Z mount equivalent.

We're All Alright #50
(Typical type of photo I shoot with the z6 and my old lens)

I loaded up my mint condition lens in its original box with all the paperwork and packaging and headed down to the only camera shop in Nashville, Dury's. The guy who met me at the door seemed annoyed and confused by my request. He argued with me that I didn't need a new lens because the F mount lens I had would mount on my DX body. I told this camera expert that the Z6 was not a DX body. Finally I got him to understand what I was trying to do but he informed me that there was no one in the store that was authorized to buy gear. Only the owner can do that and he lives out of state so I would need to come back when he was there doing his "buying visit". So I asked him if I could at least look at the new lens and see how it worked on my z6 since I had brought it with me. Nope, the only Nikon Z thing they have in the entire store is an FTZ adapter.

Sooo.... I've bought thousands of dollars worth of gear from over the years and always been impressed. Their service and return policies are top notch so I decided to look into trading my lens with them. I filled out their on line form which asked what you want to trade in and what you were you were interested in trading for. In a few days I got a call from "Al". He was emailing me a shipping label good for a 10 pound box with $5000 insurance on it. All I had to do was box up my lens and send it to them to evaluate. About 5 days later they called and made me an offer on my lens...

They offered me $1050 for my lens which would make the new Z mount NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S Lens $946. At this point I can either take the deal or refuse the deal and they will ship my lens back at no cost. I took the deal. It should be here in a week or so.

So far I'm impressed with Adorama. If you live in a place like I do where there really are no camera shops it might be worth looking into.

I'll update when the lens actually gets here.


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    I have bought from them a lot, but only sold to them once and they ripped me off. You got a surprisingly good offer (1050) on your trade-in.
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    For UK readers there are two main companies Camera Jungle (Jessops) and MPB. Sold a couple of lenses to CJ no problems but with an Oly M5 I was told the rear screen was scratched . I said no its isn't send it back . No marks sold it private. I also sent a N 200-500 to be told it had dust under the front element and needed to be stripped . I told them to get lost it was perfect and I got the full money. Moral is seller beware .
    When selling CJ seem to offer more than MPB but when buying MPB is often cheaper.
    You save on the 13% Ebay costs and no postage to pay even if you demand its sent back. If you buy you never know if its Grey as everything I sold was grey but was never asked . Often its cheaper to buy new at e-infinity than second hand..
    Hope that's useful to the UK people.
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    Looks like a good deal. $1050 is more that I would have expected to be honest.

    Be sure to let us know how you like the Z mount version!
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    When I sold all my Canon gear earlier this year (making the switch to Nikon) I used an Ebay reseller. The prices they fetched on Ebay were good but the reseller took a 30% commission, and Ebay takes a small cut as well. So after these fees I would have gotten as much or more (and a lot faster) if I had just sold it to a used dealer like MPB or KEH. I have not used MPB before but I used their online quote system to see what I would get and they seem to offer more than any other place like KEH or Adorama. (This is all based on selling in USA though at least one of my Ebay items went overseas).
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    Sorry for the delay on the update. I have the new lens in hand now. I haven't had much chance to use it yet but soon I will.

    I had the old lens for right at two years. In that time I have taken tens of thousands of images through it. So here's how I see it. I pay $2000 for the lens. Shoot with it for two years. Then trade it back in for more than half its current resale value.

    Basically I rented the old lens for two years for $1000. That comes to about $40 a month. can't touch that.

    I had decided before I sent to old lens in that they would need to give me $1000 or more for me to make the deal and I did not expect them to do that despite the fact that the lens was mint with the box and all original paperwork. I expected them to low ball me with an offer of $500 or $700 because they have a business to run and all. But thinking about it, the F mount 24-70 f2.8 VR is going to be easy and quick for them to sell so they can offer a little more.

    I could have sold it on Ebay I guess. I have bought and sold music gear on ebay for 20 years so it's not new to me. If Adorama hadn't made me a good offer I guess I would have done just that. They are currently going for $1300 to $1600 on ebay. Then ebay takes 10% and I have to pay for shipping and insurance and such. Then there is the idiot buyer factor where a guy regrets buying the lens so they claim it's damaged and all that.

    When they offered $1050 I jumped at it.

    Images coming soon.
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    I traded mine here in Holland with a dealer in the beginning of this year, 2 months after Nikon had the lens checked and made a couple of small repairs. The lens was in new state again and I had the box. I bought the Nikon Z6, FTZ, XQD card and the 24-70mm f/4S and got €900.- for the 10 year old 24-70mm f/2.8G.

    I think prices are depending on a lot of things at that specific moment, the prices new for the 24-70mm f/2.8 and f/4S are both lower then in the beginning this year, for me it's always, what do I have to pay. not the price I get for the lens. (10 years ago the lens was €1300.- and I bought it for €1100.-, the newprice now in Holland is €1900.- (around €900.- second hand for a good one). I prefer as you do, a trade in, more then try to sell it myself.
    There are so many personal things involved.
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    It is a personal thing, Ton. I'm not too much of a gear nut. I have never owned more than 4 lenses and I have only ever owned 3 Nikon cameras. What I like about Adorama is that there is no real risk even though I am trading with a store that is very far away and the gear is very valuable and delicate.

    I finally got the take the new lens out and shoot with it a little bit this weekend. Lighting was bad but I got a few fun shots any why.

    Glow Lights
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    @Searcy that is a beautiful photo!
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,675Member

    @Searcy that is a beautiful photo!

    Agreed. I would love to see Searcy's portfolio.
  • SearcySearcy Posts: 788Member

    @Searcy that is a beautiful photo!

    Agreed. I would love to see Searcy's portfolio.
    Thanks guys. This is the closest thing I have to a portfolio and it really needs to be updated.

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    Similarly, if you're in the NY area, B and H also does a trade in program. I traded in my AF-S 70-300 for $125 recently and you can choose to get store credit or a check. I think they also do shipping as well, although I'm not sure if they charge for that.

    I figured I'd trade it in while it's worth something and maybe pick up a AF-P 70-300mm FX at some point later in the future.
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    NSXTypeR said:

    Similarly, if you're in the NY area, B and H also does a trade in program. I traded in my AF-S 70-300 for $125 recently and you can choose to get store credit or a check. I think they also do shipping as well, although I'm not sure if they charge for that.

    I figured I'd trade it in while it's worth something and maybe pick up a AF-P 70-300mm FX at some point later in the future.

    I wish I had the options that you guys in NY and NJ have. We literally only have one camera store here in Nashville and they are horrible.

    That was my thinking on trading. Get something for the 24-70 F2.8 VR while it's still worth something. I'm sure my Z6 will worthless in 4 or 5 years but the glass will still be worth the investments I think.
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