Z6 Z7 FIRMWARE UPDATE 2.20 (Dec 2019)

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Firmware version 2.20

1. CFexpress cards can be used now
2. One bug solved for the "demomode met FX (36 x 24)
Nikon says that for the time being it can only guarantee the correct operation of Type B CFexpress cards from Sony. The camera manufacturer indicates that more copies from other manufacturers are gradually being tested.

There will also be an update to use CFexpress cards for DSLR camera's which use XQD (D5, D500 and D850).

3. ProRes RAW available, but for this you must sent the camera to the service center and it is NOT free of charge.

Great news for the video shooters with the nikon Z serie, these are the first camera's with this mode now. This was what Matthew Allard ACS wrote in his Nikon Z6 test article, using a BETA version: With a RAW output, the Nikon Z6 has suddenly become a lot more attractive option for those users who want a high-quality full-frame hybrid mirrorless camera.
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