Photo Tours discontinued in Upper Antelope Canyon

The famous (and oft photographed) slot canyon known as Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona is no longer offering photo tours. Tripods and monopods are now banned. The reason is overcrowding (thanks to social media it has become too popular for its own good). Visitors can try to get snapshots as they are rushed through on a regular tour (with tons of people in your shot I imagine). The article makes no mention of Lower Antelope and the other nearby slot canyons, so I would assume photo tours are still offered on those.


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    I think it's a fair decision. I sort of felt guilty when I was there years ago where the guide held off the other visitors so that we could take pictures with tripods. But I think the ultimate reason is to pack in more people and make more money though. You should still be able to take many pictures without people. The walls are pretty high. Except it will have to be hand held and rushed. Will definitely need a full frame now with the dim light and high contrast.

    Edit, I just read the article afterwards. Looks like complaint from photographers is also one reason for the demise of the photo tour. I guess that's what happens when people complain too much about what they have and end up not having it at all.
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    I think it should have been titled something like: "commercial tourism has ruined another nice place".
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