Snap Bridge exporting only one photo at a time

Hi - I'm using a D850 and Snap Bridge. I'm trying to setup a workflow with Snap Bridge and Dropbox or directly to Lightroom. When I select multiple photos in Snap Bridge to export to Dropbox or Lightroom, only one photo is sent and I figure out why. The photo sent isn't the first or last, but some seemingly randomly selected one of the group. Any suggestions? Is there a better workflow? Thanks!


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    I don't have the D850, but with the Nikon Z6 in Snapbridge I switch on the WiFi and download the photo's to the device (tablet or mobile) All the selected photo's from the camera are transfered via the "local WiFi" connection, that is step one.

    To transfer them to Dropbox or LR you have to make step 2 and connect your device to "Normal WiFi" (or data) connection. The "local WiFi camera connection" is stopped then.

    I have Android and cannot have local and normal WiFi on at the same time. When I switch to "Normal WiFi" my photo's from the device are send to my NAS. In your case, if the Snapbridge folder is part of your Dropbox folder it is the same.

    Maybe this helps.
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    Also I believe you can only transfer full res images one at a time. If you want to do more than one you have to use one of the reduced size options.
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    With WiFi connection in Snapbridge I make a selection and all selected photo's are transfered to my phone or tablet, but slow.
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