Any third-party Battery Grips for Nikon Z cameras yet?

melias99melias99 Posts: 1Member
Hello forum members! Has anyone seen a third-party battery grip for the Nikon Z cameras yet? I have continued to check the sites of Neewer and Meike, who both seem like logical builders of such but nothing is popping up. Am I just not seeing them?


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    There is, of course, the nikon battery pack holding two EN EL 15s and a Meike grip which just makes the camera taller but offers no battery improvement but does have an arca swiss slot. MK Z7G. As there is no connector on the bottom plate and no extra connections in the battery housing you are not going to get a traditional grip holding a battery and another in the body . EN EL 18 seems out of the question too.If its longer run time you are after there is a dummy EN EL 15 you can get with a lead to a bigger power source or adaptor
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    STC announced the Fogrip. This is the one I waited for, not in Europe at the moment.
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  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,009Member
    Looks like the Meike MK Z7G
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