For Sale: Nikonos V 35mm Film Camera with 3 lenses, 2 SB105's and accessories

webmastadjwebmastadj Posts: 159Member
I have a co-worker that is looking to sell some older Nikonos equipment. If interested, it is on eBay:

Thanks, just trying to help a friend out.


  • MrFotoFoolMrFotoFool Posts: 137Member
    Using 35mm film underwater where you are limited to only 36 shots in a dive is going to be a hard sell these days. I am sure underwater photographers were happier than any other photographers about the advent of digital. I wish him luck selling the gear, but it's going to be tough unless someone wants it to put on a shelf as a kind of home museum display.
  • webmastadjwebmastadj Posts: 159Member
    Or maybe someone that wants a challenge? ;)
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