How would you describe your photography style?

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We have a lot of different types of photographers on this forum. While we spend a lot of time arguing over gear we don't seem to spend much time talking about our photography.

After spending years playing around with "point and click" 35mm and 110mm pocket cameras I eventually entered the world of digital with a Sony Mavica FD73. My work was hobby rate, randomness until about 2013 when I was asked to photograph a fashion show. I had no idea what I was doing. I was ill prepared and my results were horrible. That's when I started really getting serious about my results.

I shoot people at events. That's what I do. While I occasionally entertain myself with light studies and such I mostly shoot un-posed people at events and runway models. There are a lot of rules for shooting runway which I mostly ignore. This has gotten me invited back to a lot of events and shows and I have even been asked to serve as photography director on multiple events.

So what asked I tell people that I shoot events, fashion runway and fashion editorial primarily.

What do you shoot and why do you shoot it? Feel free to post a favorite photo to illustrate what you do.

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    I photograph wildlife, and if I could it would be foxes all day. I have been doing this mostly to get me outside and it works well to increase my stamina, super-tele lenses are rather fantastic at that. I do on occasion photograph people at events like weddings, but they had best be well paying as I can't be bothered with bridezilla.
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    photobunny, that is an amazing shot!!

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    I photograph birds for my birding apps. Because of this I try to make the photographs illustrative and I try to stay away from any artistic input from myself (although I can get creative just for fun). I think my style can be described as boring but hopefully esthetically pleasing and illustrative. I sometimes think of my photography as trying to remove myself from the process.
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    Searcy said:

    photobunny, that is an amazing shot!!

    Thanks, it was a hard one to get. I was using a Canon 5DII with the 300mm f/2.8 L from 1988 at the time. I am now spoiled by my Z6, hundreds of good AF points vs one.
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    When I built a new website early last year with Squarespace (ditching WordPress) I played with several different ideas for a catchphrase. I finally came up with: Beauty, Peace, Simplicity. I realize that's generic as to subject matter, but I focus on beautiful scenes and try to keep it simple. (I do NOT do people and/or events). My subject matter includes wildlife and landscape (especially Arizona), wild cats (natural but in captivity), and European architecture.
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    Very nice image Photobunny. Nice website Fred.
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    My event photography style is totally determined from about 1985 when I joined the MPA and BIPP. You submit 12 photos "without errors" to get in. So from then on the bride must always be on the grooms left, its either all jackets fastended or all open, no dips in the line up of a group. Tie done up right, No stray hands. One of my favourite comments is " you are standing like you are waiting for a bus" Comments range from "this bloke knows how to get it right " to " come on do what Hitler says" dependent on the social background and intelligence of the assembled masses.
    So my style is nothing sloppy,be quick and use a megaphone.
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    You've all seen my stuff in the various photo threads. I do a bit of everything. Originally purchased a DSLR to take pics of my kids, but then I soon started doing urban exploration photography which was something I was always interested in. I also take a lot of pics of my middle daughter's soccer games. Its a lot of fun - very challenging.

    Train station awning at sunset
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    I got a Kodak Brownie camera (still have it) when I was a kid in the late 50s. I soon found out it wouldn't do the kinds of things I wanted. No action stopping shutter speeds there. I became more serious about it in the early 70s focusing (NPI) on motor racing, aircraft and nature/landscape using a stable of Minolta SR-Ts and X bodies and later a Rolliecord. Moved over to digital in 2012. Still shooting the same subjects. Have tried my hand at a few portraits for fun.
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