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Eine frage, as they say in France.
I bent the pins on the lead for my very cheap wireless trigger. Bought a replacement & I can't review photos on the LCD screen without disconnecting the cable! It works otherwise, but it got me thinking.
Is there a wireless system that sits in the hot shoe, but doesn't need a 10-pin cable? I want to (primarily) remotely shoot stuff, but remote flash might be useful.
Please don't suggest Snapbridge - it works great with WiFi (mostly), but I can't get it to find & connect with my iPhone 8 using Bluetooth. And my country park doesn't have wifi (I get 4G coverage though)
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    Which camera body? I recommend the IR remote (ML-L3, I think) if it can use it.

    I know you said to not suggest Snapbridge but just wanted to make sure you knew you don't need an external wifi network to use it via wifi. The camera and phone create their own network and you can use it anywhere.
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    It's a D850. I know it can work, but anywhere outside my house it's been flaky. Maybe I'll give it another try. Last night it couldn't connect via Bluetooth to my phone which was literally right next to it
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    SnapBridge is flaky in areas with a lot of WIFI networks, the camera has a small antenna and cannot compete with other networks with strong signals operating on the same frequency. That’s almost impossible to get away from in populated areas. I have no trouble with it in non-residential/non-commercial areas.
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    Not sure why you can't review images on screen without disconnecting the cable? Today I got an Aodelan Pebble wireless transmitter and receiver from Amazon (only thirty nine bucks). The receiver (which can sit in the hotshoe if you like) does use a standard ten pin connection cable that goes where a normal shutter release cable would go. But it is not in the way of the screen and I am able to review images with it still plugged in. If you get one, make sure it specifies for Nikon so you get the right connecting cable.
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    Most likely reason is that the damaged pins leads to the trigger sending the input information to the camera body. It’s likely that the review function is disabled is that the camera thinks the shutter button is half pressed. Cannot think of any other reason it would do that.
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    It does it with a replacement lead as well, iirc.
    Maybe there's a missing wire link?
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    Maybe the contact pins in the camera body are dirty. Don’t know how you’d clean them, given that they are deep in the housing.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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