Camera Case, Anyone?

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Was just reading Thom Hogan's latest post about camera sins and got to the one about being too protective of your gear. Got me to wondering ... how many of us utilize an actual camera case - not a camera bag, but a case that only surrounds the camera? I think I used the case on my old Zeiss Ikon, because the camera was almost an antique, even 50 years ago, and I used the case, briefly, when I got my first SLR in 1971. I don't think I've used a camera case since late 1971. Anyone else?
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    I have these for all my cameras and I love-em


    Oh, and my 1970 FTn has a leather case that is always attached.
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    Mmmm....guess I should have gotten a case...

    Nikon F 1960's

    Actually, have not used a case since my Minolta SR3 in the early 1960's. I do try to store the lenses in their own little soft case, primarily to keep them from beating around in the bag I am using, and to keep dirt off.
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    Since my first ever Zenit, I've never had a traditional ever ready case for any SLR. I often do carry only the camera with a medium or wide range zoom attached and want a small snug camera bag to carry this and nothing else when the camera isn't actually in my hands. Sometimes you just can't climb or scramble without using both hands and if the camera is just hanging with no protection I guarantee it'll get trashed !)
    I don't like the holster style bags that carry the camera facing lens down, and the best alternative that i've found has been a small shoulder bag sold for video camera. I have one that is ideal for a DX body and wide zoom but I'm still looking for a larger equivalent to take the D800 & 24-70 f2.8.
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    The closest things I have to a camera case is a small shoulder bag that says Sony on it; (I have no idea what originally came in it, as I seldom buy anything from Sony; I only use it when I'm going to be out and about, and I have reason to think I won't need anything more than my D 300s and my 12-24mm /f 4 zoom; it fits nice and snug, and there are three small zipper compartments on the front and ends for small items like a microfiber cloth, a small lens brush, and possibly a card or two; I only use this thing when I think I won't be walking any distance, as I'm not big on carrying things very far with shoulder straps, ( including a camera)

    Any time I'm going to be walking any distance, I have a heavy duty, wide padded belt (from Kinesis Gear) which has small fasteners all the way around it, which you can "add to" or "delete from" individual pouches for longer lenses, short lenses, or a big holster pack that was designed to carry an F-5 body with 80-200/f2.8 attached;

    Depending on the load, and what I'm going to be doing, I have a small pack from CliK Elite that is designed to be used as either a chest pack or a back pack; It's my most favored solution for trade shows, museums, and anywhere I won't be taking a tripod.

    Probably my most "ingenious" carry solution of all, is a thing I more or less made myself; again, depending on what I'll be doing, I can configure it a number of ways; when we go to Florida, I always spend a day at Tarpon Springs, and I usually have camera gear, 2 cats and 1 rat terrier; my "invention" will accommodate all of the above, plus a small cooler, and a bit of room on top for holding small "low value"items. ( it has a "lockable" padded aluminum tube that can be mounted on or easily removed, which affords a measure of security for my Gitzo and Arca Swiss B-2 on the back of it also.

    I used to go to air shows with a whole bunch of lenses and other "clap-trap" in a huge Tamrac Back Pack; a lengthy trip through security at McDill AFB in Tampa cured me of that ! NEVER carry ANYTHING to an air show that you won't be using. (or any place else for that matter.)
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    Never have but once. When I got a D80 I purchased a "camera armor" case/wrap and I liked it because it then better fit my hands. Since moving up to the D300 style bodies, I don't feel the need and it gets too bulky. I did like the protection from hits and rain/snow it provided. You just had to make sure to take it off and dry the camera from what little moisture got under it when done shooting for the day. If I had the lower consumer camera's and was going to be in situations where rain and/or hitting it against things, I probably would get one again for that, and the comfort of holding it. I actually like the one BabaGanoush posted - shooting in wildlife that would work for me.

    For my rangefinders, x100, FE2s, I have tried them, but they just seem to get in the way all the time of various controls or snag on anything and everything. Granted I never bought one of the really nice $200 ones for these, just cheap-os.
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    Nope, I don't have a camera case. If it's in storage the lenses go back in the soft drawstring pouch. If I'm going out it goes into a normal camera bag. I have a Lowepro Rezo 160 that usually fits everything.

    I have no need for a Pelican style hard case.
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    Shipping gear to remotes via fedex will require a case and I use Pelican for everything I can't carry on.

    I don't check anything fragile/expensive with the airlines. Been there and have the stolen gear and subsequent legal tussle with the airline to get them to pay for it to prove it.

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    I would not have one of those 'never ready' types, but I do have a Tamrac Digit Zoom case for when I take a camera with one lens out with me. I modified it like my other cases so that the case shoulder strap incorporates the camera strap which fixes via Black Rapid parts so I can't drop it. Works like a holster really.
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    OMG that is beautiful. I know I said elsewhere I am not interested, but if I came into a large amount of money, I would be all over it.
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    Now, this could get one interested in the new Df…..actually all those who currently have Hasselblads or Phase One stuff…..
    Msmoto, mod
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    I KNEW this forum would be expensive. I wasn't even thinking about getting a camera bag until I read this thread, and now one's going to be here Thursday. :(
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    Why cases might matter ... my first SLR purchased some 40 years ago, has been all around the world, miles of film through it and shows very little wear. And a another interesting tidbit - talk about a 58mm f/1.4
    Occasionally a decent image ...
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    I bought a case with my Nikon FE purchase, but have not for any model after that.
    It kept the FE looking new to this day, the case is starting to lose its luster though. :-(

    I'm very seriously considering the awesome soft leather model available for the D800.
    Nikon CF-DC4

    But they aren't cheap!!

    The Nikon CF-DC4 Semi-Soft Leather Case for the Nikon D800.

    This luxurious black leather case will hold the D800 camera with lens attached. Semi-soft construction features a combination of padding and support to protect your camera and lens. The case will fit a D800/D800E with the 28-300mm lens attached. The 24-70mm f/2.8 will also fit but it is a tight fit.

    Does not include strap. You may use the original Nikon strap or strap of your choice.
    Suggested Retail Price: $217.00

    Sure looks sweet... But that's still a lot of money?!?! It's sort of a toss up for me, right now.
    As it's either the case or AH-4 Nikon leather hand strap for $113.35.
    But not both.
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