Death of F-mount FX Challenge

snakebunksnakebunk Posts: 991Member
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Just for fun:

Which year do you think the last F-mount, FX, DSLR camera will be discontinued?
What will it be called?

I say 2026 and D880 (maybe D7).

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  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,680Member
    D7 in 2034. Note that the F6 hung around for a long time and Nikon will not take completely abandoning f-mount users lightly, especially if no further R&D is required.
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,869Member
    I don't expect a D7 personally. D6 didn't exactly set the market on fire.

    I'll guess 2025.
  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,494Member
    mhedges said:

    I don't expect a D7 personally. D6 didn't exactly set the market on fire.

    I'll guess 2025.

    No one had any reason to buy a D6. No Olympics and no world cup. Also more and more photojournalist are being laid off and made contractors who have to buy their own cameras. The market for those high end bodies is drying up as a result.
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  • photobunnyphotobunny Posts: 616Member
    I think DSLR for Nikon will die quicker than they would like when their main rival just dumped DSLR and said no more EF lenses. There are clear benefits to DSLR over mirrorless, but people aren't wanting to buy them now. It isn't just a me thing, people are 'switching' to RF or Z and ditching their old lenses.

    I give Nikon till about 2022, but I think it'll more likely be that we just don't get new F lenses and DSLR bodies. It'll die naturally and quietly.
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,869Member
    I think there will be no more new DSLR product introduced after 2022 but I can see the existing stuff lingering till 2025 or so. Perhaps longer in the case of certain lenses.
  • MrFotoFoolMrFotoFool Posts: 353Member
    The D850 is so perfect in so many ways, I can't imagine what they would do to improve it. I switched from Canon to Nikon largely due to this camera (but also due to the 500PF lens). I mean maybe if they figured out how to add more FPS to the D850, but I doubt that will happen and I would be surprised if a successor (D880?) comes. Perhaps more likely would be a D7 with more megapixels than D6? Even that is unlikely (they will more likely work on a pro Z series body). It would be nice if they made E versions of some of the pro lenses that never went past G versions (300 2.8 etc) but I doubt that will happen either. So I think no new products but they will continue to make existing products that sell for at least a few years. I predict a slow and lingering death, but nothing immediate. Keep in mind Nikon produced a film camera for years after Canon stopped producing any.
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