D700 - How do I get 8 fps?

I have a D700 and a MB-D10 grip.

I have put 8 fully charged Eneloop rechargeable AAs (1.2V) in the grip, 8 new alkaline AAs (1.5V) in the grip and a fully charged EN-EL3e battery in the grip. The number of fps stays at 5 in all three cases.

I have contacted Nikon Support about this but they keep saying all of the above methods will yield 8 fps.

I've watched some YouTube videos that say using a Nikon EN-EL4 battery (with a special adapter) will boost the fps to 8. Nikon Support did not comment on this idea.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this topic?


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    The Angry Photographer has a video on this and he says to do it with an EN EL 4a. Its not just the voltage but the chippery in the battery. You dont say if its a genuine Nikon Grip. Thats 4A not 4
    Cheapest I can find is on ebay a DTSE version 303738353106
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    Never had any trouble getting 8FPS with Eneloop batteries in the D700. I shot night after night that way at sporting events. I was using a genuine Nikon MB-D10. Never had an EN-EL4 and it worked fine to boost FPS.

    You can shoot jpeg, or RAW 12 or 14bit, but IIRC you have to disable in camera noise reduction, lens distortion control and vignetting reduction to get 8FPS. I sold my D700 5 years ago, so I cannot check to confirm that though.
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    Thanks for the input. I do have a genuine MB-D10 grip. After changing some camera settings, I tried different battery combinations again and found one that gave me 8 fps.
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