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I have a free account on Flickr. A few months ago, I could no longer create a link to post photos on the forum, where I use Flickr for, I was presented with a white screen. In the meantime, I saw that the sign you have to click on has also been removed now in my free account.

I use VPN and the last two weeks I get the screen:
Screen Bad, bad panda!
We're aware of the problem and are fixing it. Thanks for your patience.

My friends (with VPN) here in The Netherlands get the same "Bad, bad panda" screen.

This happens when I have my VPN location set other then America. If I set my VPN to a site in America, the screen does not appear and I can view the photo, but I cannot create a link for my photos either.

Now there are about 100 photos on my Flickr account, most of them are placed for tests I did, like last week for the Nikkon MC 105mm lens S, also for friends I have here in The Netherlands to compare our findings.

It seems that outside America my photos are not visible.

That is why Flickr has become completely unusable for me, so soon I will delete everything and close my Flickr account.
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    Here we go. The challenges of the modern world. Give everybody something, then when they get to like/rely on it, take it away unless they pay money.
    Always learning.
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    Strange. I don't see why that would be. Lots of folks outside the US use Flickr, from what I have seen.
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    I've really given up posting with Flickr, I use to keep up with other photographers on there though.

    They really squandered whatever good will they had with the community.

    Sorry to hear that it's so frustrating.

    Did anyone figure out how to post photos on this forum without going through Flickr?
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    If you want to post pictures here you can upload them to a S3 bucket with CloudFront to cache it. It costs me under $5 a month for over a TB of images.
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    @photobunny Thanks for the info, I have a synology server as my cloud service, that is why I don't need a paid cloud service. After the Synology DS212, I bought the DS218+ with 2, 6tb disks, three years ago and it runs since that day.

    I have unlimited data on my mobile phone, use this as hot spot for my Surface Pro 7 and everything is automated.

    Synology has "C2 storage", 1tb backup for $ 60.- a year, which I use whith Hyperbackup (also automated), works perfect to keep my stuff on a remote place.

    Cloudservices change a lot, most of the time not in my favorite.
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