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For a while I used to carry the Nikon Coolpix A and later the Nikon 1 as my "walk around" camera, small and handy, with good daylight I got some good pictures. The Coolpix A even has face recognition. Unfortunately, the expanded ISOs from 6400 to 25600 were unusable, actually the ISOs from 800 to 3200 as well.

A few days ago I bought the Nikon 40mm f/2, the first batch last month was unfortunately sold out in one day and now the 2nd batch too.

I read in reviews that Nikon has made better lenses and of course that is true, but Nikon never made such a top lens for € 279.- !!! even cheaper on black friday.

It is now on a Nikon Z6 and I can shoot in the dark, no problem with ISO 12800 and Capture One.

I can be very brief about this, compare the results with pictures you always made with your DSLR and be amazed that your pictures with this lens are just better.

Now I always have my camera with 40mm f/2 with me, no heavy lifting, no DX or 1 inch sensor, but FF and I can save on a very expensive mobile phone for snapshots (which I never liked), because Snapbridge is free, works fast and good.

The nifty 50 is replaced bij the nifty 40, small and exactly what you want :) for that purpose.
Fun, I sound like a Nikon salesman I think, but I only want to share this with you.
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