TC-E 14II vs TC-E14III

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I currently have a TC-E 14II. I used it with a rented 500mm f5.6PF and it was OK. But now I have my own 500mm f5.6PF,
I was wondering - would it be worth 'upgrading' to a TC-E14III?
Would there be any advantage?
Anyone tried both on the same lens? (Any lens)
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  • MrFotoFoolMrFotoFool Posts: 353Member
    I have not used both, but I have the 500PF and TC-E14iii. With my latest version 3 teleconverter it works very well. Two months ago I met another photographer using my same camera and lens (D500 with 500PF) and he said he had tried the version 2 teleconverter and gave up because he was unhappy with the focus and sharpness. So while I have not tried both I know the version 3 works well and my intuition says it is worth upgrading.
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