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Hi Folks. I have a couple of questions, I have been processing a number of images I took with my D750 on a road trip back in November and have noticed blemishes on the images. Below is an example. In the upper right corner in the blue bubble is the problem child.


Now, I never had the oil problems with my D610 or any other camera so I was a bit confused. But the spot appears on all images taken with that body regardless of lens. I locked the mirror up and carefully inspected the sensor. In the bottom corner is a tiny and I mean TINY speck on the sensor. It is, it seems to me, smaller than the POINT of a straight pin. It almost requires a jeweler's loupe to see.

So my first question is, can something that small show up on the image? My guess is, it can, and it is. Which leads me to my second question: What, if anything can/should I do about it? I have no trouble dealing with the spots in C1 and I really don't want to do anything to make the situation worse. So, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's a dust partial on the sensor. If you feel comfortable you can clean it yourself with the right kit, or you can get it cleaned by a shop or Nikon.
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    Thanks. I need to decide how brave I am feeling. I read through Thom Hogan's article and may give it a shot. It helps that I can see the offender. First. I'll run the auto cleaning cycle a number of times to see if I can shake it loose. Thanks again.
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    My first step is always to blow with the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Large Dust-Removal Tool, usually the spots are gone, if not then clean with a cleaning set (swap and liquid). This is not difficult, the sensor is protected, This has always worked and I had a D600 with oil problem, until Nikon replaced the shutter.
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    Agree to try one of those hand powered bulb blowers first. But if that doesn't work I'd go ahead and try to clean it yourself. It's pretty easy to do. Just make sure you get the right size kit.

    I have only done it a couple times but I have always done it with the swab dry. I suppose you could use the cleaner fluid if the problem was really bad.
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